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WebIGS ERP Occupational Safety & Health Management Software

WebIGS is a specialized Work Safety & Health Management ERP system providing integrated solutions for experts, organizational units or WSH organizations or consultancy businesses under SaaS or Purchased Licencing.

WebIGS as a cloud service software that covers all Work Safety & Health Management areas, especially safety risk management & tracking for businesses, providing over 50+ integrated management modules for work Safety & health activities of business.


As a low cost and use-as-needed solution, WebIGS comes in 3 editions; WSHU, BUSINESS & EXPERT editions.

WSHU Edition (Work Safety & Health Unit) provides a complete integrated ERP solution to Work Safety & Health Management Consultancy businesses.

BUSINESS Edition provides a work safety & health management solution to businesses which would like to manage their safety risk under SaaS licence in cloud.

EXPERT Edition provides similar work safety & health management solution for experts to manage their client business's safety risk under SaaS licence in cloud.

WebIGS's simple to use design, extensive database allows you to capture and manage more details about your work safety & health issues in an integrated solution for your business.



  • Based on low cost web based proven technologies therefore affordable for most businesses.
  • In addition to Work Safety & Health modules WebIGS ERP integrates Sales & Marketing, Work Order Tracking, Quality Management and other operational activities in one system easily.
  • Control your connections and operations in an integrated & centralized framework.
  • Upscale WebIGS with additional add-on modules as easy as turning your light switch.
  • WebIGS SaaS licence you save money from expensive hardware, software and backup support. WebIGS will be ready for your work safety & health needs  anytime, anywhere as you needed.
  • WebIGS's standard editions can be expanded for add-on modules according to your business needs.
  • WebIGS' Optional B2B modules provide quick and specialized solutions for your B2B needs without changing your core WebIGS application. Utilizing WebIGS B2B modules you can establish Customer online service systems quickly sharing all your gathered relevant data with your Customer online.
  • With WebIGS, you don't have to do long term contracts. Accounts are annual & you pay as long as you use. However you can get WebIGS benefits for your long term contract requests.
  • Your data is yours. If you decide to end your WebIGS account, your database will be delivered to you. In fact you can download your data whenever you want.
  • WebIGS centralize and integrates your all activities such as Production, Procurement, Sales and Quality Assurance assuring simultaneous awareness between related departments and users.
  • WebIGS allows you to create customized dashboards as many as you need using already defined charts. This allows you to focus to your area of interest.
  • WebIGS's role/group based user access safety system allows you to control knowledge safety more effectively.
  • WebIGS' dynamic filtering and Advance Search ability gives you to search on all fields in your database allowing you to do dynamic analysis of your data.
  • All Reports and Graphics in WebIGS allows you filter and search data so you can dynamically analyse your data.
  • WebIGS uses 8 important safety mechanism. As an example you can define User/IP addresses to WebIGS to limit their login by setting login date & time constrains.
  • WebIGS supports ISO-9001, ISO-10002 & OHSAS-18001  quality management systems.
  • WebIGS supports English & Turkish languages.



  • Work safety Records Management
    • Highly detailed & integrated modules
  • Work Health Records Management
    • Highly detailed & integrated modules
  • Agenda Management
  • Contact Management
    • Highly detailed contact database
  • WSH Management Module
    • Over 20+ Template Based WSH report & document.
  • Training Management
  • Document Management
  • Archive Management



WebIGS Additional Modules:

  • WSH Exlosion Prevention
    • TS-3491-EN-60079 Standard compliant
  • Finanscial Management
    • Single Order Accounting System
    • Automated Sub-Account Tracking
    • Integrated Business Accounting Activities
    • Invoice/DeliveryBill Activities
    • Receivals/Payables Activities
    • Cash Activities
    • Credit Card Activities
    • EFT/Bank Transfer Activities
    • Check/PaymentBill Activities
  • *Proposal & Contract Package
    • Seperate Consultancy/Service & Treading Proposal preperation from templates
    • Online Tracking & Printig
    • Multiple Proposal Templates preperation
    • Multiple Contract Templates preperation
  • * Trading Package
    • Sales Management
    • Detailed Products & Services Management
    • Vendor Products
    • Inventory Management
    • Precurement Managent
  • * Human Resources Package
    • Dual Way Module: Works as your HR Managemt Systems as well as your Client's Human Resources
    • Detailed Personnel Cards
    • Personnel Notifications Tracking
    • Personnel Assignments Tracking
    • Personnel Leaves
    • Personnel Time Sheets
    • Personnel Evaluations
    • Personnel Access Tracking Module
  • * Quality Management Package
    • Dual Way Module: Works as your business QMS as well as your Client's QMS İssue tracking
    • Maintenance Management Module
    • Complains Management
    • CRPA Management
    • Work Order Management
    • Business Plan Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Indicator Management
  • * Sales-Marketing & Help Desk Package
    • Calls Tracking
    • Potentials Tracking
    • Knowledge Management
  • * Academy Training Package
    • Detailed Training Templates with specific template design for each
    • Defining Training Classes easly from defined temples.
    • Defining multiple costs package per training
    • Attendee Tracking
    • Online Certification printing


WebIGS Additional Access Systems:

  • Customer Access (B2B) System (WIG-MP)
  • Mobile/Tablet Access System (WIG-CP)
  • Dynamic Reporting Module (WIG-RM)



WebIGS prices vary according to addition, number of users & requested Additional Modules.

For more information, please check our www.WebIGS.com site.



For demos please check our www.WebIGS.com site.

Demo Site: http://demo.webigs.com

User:      demo

Password:  demo